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Shards of Light & Darkness (Book 4, Chapter 30) 

Harlequin Moon Chapter 19


Want to escape into drama, intrigue, romance and adventure in a universe full of true blue heroes, clever heroines, sly rogues and devilish villains? Check out the series and standalone stories on this site. Happy reading!

--- The ScorpioNet Series ---

The Telltale Lie : Series 1 Former international spy, Anna Devane is a woman of depth and mystery. The most explosive secrets are those she holds inside herself. The one man she trusts absolutely, Robert Scorpio, ex-husband and fellow spy, returns to her life with secrets of his own. Revelations attract old enemies Cesar Faison & Helena Cassidine. The stakes are higher than ever. Who will prevail?  Completed | Drama, Adventure, Intrigue

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Shards of Light and Darkness : Series 2 Anna's party is cut short by a stunning confession from their daughter Robin.  Sean Donely, former spymaster and Robin's godfather, stands alone afraid to make a costly decision.  But as days pass, the pressure builds on everyone forcing Sean to confront his past head on.  Operatives Frisco and Felicia Jones left town a long ago.  Going back home isn't going to be easy.  Can two long time absent parents and friends banish the shadows once and for all?  (In Progress)

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--- The Seasons Series ---

Another Season : For many years, Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane have been amiable former spouses, co-parents, colleagues in law enforcement and best friends supporting each other with humor and loyalty.  But they've never crossed the proverbial romantic line in the sand, until a case forces a meeting of the minds and hearts. Will they take a chance at love a second time or will a criminal mastermind put them on ice?  Completed | Mystery, Comedy, Romance

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Moving Season : The Scorpios get a fresh start on moving day. Set in the AS world. Completed | Comedy, Fluff    Full Story

Harlequin Moon : Devane Donely Investigations have their hands full with a missing person and a wealthy matriarch whose death may not have been so innocent. Will this be the cases they can't solve?  (In Progress)    Start Reading

--- Standalone Stories ---

Tweet Me Not : Bored while on a mission, Anna tweets some unexpected news that set her friends and family into a tailspin. It's camels, harems and witty comebacks as a rescue party finds more than it can handle. This is tongue-firmly-in-cheek tale is in Twitter-esque format accompanied by fun, loving and nostalgic video clips to enjoy.  Completed | Comedy, Adventure     Start Reading Part 1

Suspicion : Robin Scorpio has died in a tragic laboratory accident. Her father, Robert Scorpio, returns to grieve and support his family. But her mother, Anna Devane, is overcome with grief and flees. As Robert tries to bring his shattered family back together, he finds that all he believes isn't so. (In Progress)   Start Reading

Spectre of Love :  What if Anna had uncovered a reason to believe Cesar Faison's commitment to her back in 1990? How would Robert and Sean felt about Anna's change of heart towards their hated enemy?  Completed | Intrigue, Romance, Mature Content    At the Anna Devane Board - registration & password required.

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